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Red sky at night… (at Port Columbus International Airport (CMH))

This is another photo from #thewildones2014. I’m calling it “Leaves of Opportunity/Opportunity Leaves.”

The leaves represent our life choices: Where will she go? What will she do? She stares at all of the possibilities. Her luggage literally runneth over. Why then, does she appear so sad?

Today, we are blessed to have so many options that we often feel crippled by indecision, afraid that we will make the wrong choice. Knowing that one decision (good or bad) can set off a chain reaction. Ironically, this abundance of choice can be so suffocating that it ends up feeling like no choice at all. (at Hocking Hills)

Look up ⬆️

Sunset contemplation.

Had a great time with @robertwtobin this evening scouting a location for our next Instameet!

The contrast of the flowers against the sky reminded me of those photos of concert-goers hands in the air. (at Batelle Darby Creek Metro Park)

Sleeping Beauty. Another edit from #thewildones2014 Cbus tour. (at Hocking Hills)

The first of many edits from #thewildones2014 Columbus Tour. After following their work for years, words can’t express how grateful I am for having had the opportunity to meet and shoot with these talented photographers. Thank you so much @findjoel, @sarahannloreth, @robwoodcox and @shanemichaelblack! I hope we meet again. (at Hocking Hills)

One of my favs of Anne (@goodmorningstate) from our #1and4614 meetup.

As the smoke clears.

Solitude (at Cosi Center of Science and Industry)

Have you seen the movie, Angels & Demons? There’s this scene where the two main characters are walking through the streets of Europe discussing historic events. At the same time, flashbacks of those events and the historic streets on which they occurred are superimposed on the screen so it appears that the characters are walking through the older streets instead of those of modern-day. This scene stood out to me because it’s exactly what I do in my head whenever I travel or visit someplace with an obvious history.

Last night during our #FranklintonMeet, we ventured to Strongwater Food & Spirits. When I turned to my left upon entering, I saw what you see in the photo, and I couldn’t help but picture in my mind the person who must have sat there.

So here’s my question to all of you: Who do you see? (at Strongwater Food and Spirits)

Off Center (at COSI Mezzanine)

Natalina and the breathtaking sky at our #midsummernightsdream_ohio Instameet a few weeks back. (at Mechanicsburg, Ohio)

Color version of an earlier #monticello photo. (at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello)